• Mckenzie Petroleum Original Truck

In 1928, H.S. Mckenzie saw an opportunity. He recognized a strong, growing and promising community in what was then rural Tavernier. Being the enterprising man he was, he ventured to bring electricity to the upper keys. He set to build his vision in Tavernier. Mckenzie built a gas station, an ice house, a tavern store, a drugstore, a grocery store, a hardware store, an auto repair garage, a lumber company and a theater.

Three generations later the McKenzies are still right where it all began. We have concentrated our efforts on the fuel business. We are dedicated to fueling and growing the strong community Mckenzie originally saw.  In a world of constant change and turmoil it’s nice to know there are still some families that value staying strong at home and putting down roots in a community.

Our commitment to the Florida Keys is as apparent today as it was back then. Our dedication has made us the most reliable supplier of fuel to the marine industry in the Florida Keys for over 90 years.

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